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How to Select the Right Brother Drum Unit for Your Brother Printer?

Anyone who is using a Brother printer for awhile knows that the Brother drum requires replacement from time to time to maintain its performance. A drum unit is responsible for creating clear graphics and texts onto the paper. Replacement of the drum unit is a crucial step of printer maintenance to bring its performance back on track. As there are so many Brother drum units available in the market, sometimes it becomes difficult to understand what type of drum unit you actually need for your printer. Keep reading to know about the points which you should keep in mind to select the correct drum unit for your Brother printer.

Model Number

One of the simplest ways to find the right drum unit for your printer is to look at the model number of the existing drum unit. This will not only help you in narrowing down your search but it will also help you in selecting a drum unit which perfectly matches with your Brother printer.

Type of the Printers

Which type of printer you are using also matters a lot when it comes to selecting the right drum unit for your printer. You will surely have a good understanding of whether you are using a monochrome or color printer; and beyond that, you have to know if it an inkjet printer or a laser printer. Laser printers usually require the replacement of the Brother drum unit.

Types of Printer Drum

Not all types of printer drums are designed for all types of printers. The sizes, features, and shape of the drum unit usually depend on the specific printer models. It is advised to thoroughly read all the information related to the specific Brother drum unit. This will surely help you in selecting a drum unit which is compatible with your printer. Apart from this, it is also important to make sure that you are going to buy 100% genuine drum unit in order to ensure the good performance of your Brother printer. It is advised to check the brand logo on the package as well as on the product in order to rest assure that you are going to buy the right drum unit for your printer.

Page Yielding Capacity

Once you find which type of Brother drum unit you need, it is the time to narrow down your search by looking at the specific features of different drum units available in the market. For instance, one drum unit can yield up to 2500 pages only while another may print 12000 pages. Depending on your printing needs, you can choose the drum unit accordingly.


The price of Brother drum units ranges quite widely depending on the page yielding capacity and other specific features. It is advised to compare the products listed on different websites in order to buy the perfect drum unit at the most competitive prices.

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All You Need to Know about the Brother Drum Unit

Do you have a Brother laser printer? If yes then you might be familiar with the term ‘Brother drum’. Often overlooked in the printer, Brother drum unit is responsible for making the whole printing process possible. It is the place where the toner gets accumulated for creating the graphics, texts and other content which need to be printed. However, a Brother drum unit also requires replacement to maintain the performance and efficiency of the printer as like the other printer parts. If you are the first time user of a Bother printer, here are the few questions related to the Brother drum unit which you really want to get an answer of.

How to You Know It is the Right Time to Replace the Drum Unit?

Not all the Brother drum units, which you find today, have the same self-consumable life. Different Brother drum units have the different page yielding capacity as well as self-consumable life. So, there is not an exact parameter to determine when the drum unit of the printer requires replacement. However, there are few signs which will help you to determine that it is the right time to replace the existing drum unit.

  • The printer will start showing error messages.
  • Printer will produce blurry and low-quality printouts.
  • Black and white patches will appear on the paper.
  • Printer will be producing ghost images and text.

If your printer starts creating any of these problems, you should check the drum unit to know whether it is responsible for the problem or not.

Which Factors are Responsible for Determining the Actual Life of the Drum Unit?

Under ideal condition, the average life of the drum unit is determined by its page yielding capacity. For instance, the average life of the Brother drum unit DR420 is estimated to be approximately 12,000 pages. However, the actual number of prints by your drum unit will be less than the average estimate. The life of the drum unit depends on numerous factors such as humidity, temperature, type of toner, type of paper going to be used and so on. It is advised to read the manual of the drum unit very carefully in order to keep it in a good running condition.

Is There Any Way to Find the Remaining Life of the Drum Unit?

Your printer will provide the accurate information about the remaining life of the drum unit only when the drum counter of the printer will be set. If you have reset the drum counter in between the use of a single drum unit, then the drum life which is displaying on the printer will not be accurate. It is, therefore, recommended to reset the Brother drum only after installation of the new drum unit.

How to Install the Drum Unit?

Installing a new drum unit in the printer is not a master art. By following the below-mentioned steps, you can even install the printer unit without the help of the professionals.

  • Turn off the printer and leave it for 10 minutes to cool down.
  • Open the top cover and pull out the toner cartridge assembly by pulling the handle in the middle of the toner assembly and drum unit.
  • Remove the existing drum unit and replace it with a new one.
  • Once done, bring pack the toner assembly back into the machine.
  • Close the top cover and reset the drum unit.

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