HP Power Supplies

Is Your HP Printer Not Working? HP Power Supplies Could Be the Reason!

Are you facing constant power supply problem while printing? Is your HP printer suddenly turned-off? If yes, the first thing which you need to check is your HP power supplies. Faulty power supply problems are usually uncommon but may be the reason why your HP printer is not turning on. It is advised to turn off all the power connections from your printer before testing the cord failure or power supply problem. Resolving the power supply problem is not a tedious task. Anyone can fix this problem provided you have a little knowledge about HP power supplies and the way they work. Let’s read to know how to fix the power supply problem without taking the help from the technicians.

Step 1
Plug in the printer power cable into the wall outlet. Switch on the power button of the printer and wait until the power light indicator starts blinking. If it’s not the same, restart the printer’s power button again. Keep in mind that some of the printers take some time for the initialization, so you might have to wait for few minutes. If you hold the power button for a long period of time, it may be possible that your printer gets turn on and suddenly shuts off.

Step 2
If the problem still persists, you should disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet to check the visible damages. If the printer’s power cable is damaged and your HP printer is under the warranty period, you can replace it with new HP power cord. In order to check whether the power module is good or not, the first thing which you need to do is to de-attach the power module from your HP printer and then plug in the power cable into a power outlet. If the green light of the power module is not blinking, you should immediately replace the power module to ensure the functionality of the printer.

Step 3
Plug the power cord in your HP printer once again and then plug the power cable into the wall outlet. In case your printer is not turning on, plug the power cable into another wall outlet. If your printer turns on this time then it’s clear that the problem is with the wall outlet not with the HP power supplies.

Step 4
Disconnect the power of USB connector located at the back of your printer. Once done, turn on the printer. If still the printer suddenly turns on, it may be possible that the USB cable is creating problems.

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