Brother Drum Unit DR 420

Get Excellent Printing Solution with Brother Drum Unit DR 420

When it is about getting richer and deeper printing solution, understanding the role of each consumable of the laser printer is very important. In this blog, we will let you know everything about the Brother Drum unit DR420. Known for yielding up to 1200 pages under optimal conditions, the DR420 drum cartridge can easily fit in numerous monochromes printers. The Brother drum unit DR420 produces richer, deeper, and clear images to offer optimal printing solution every single time you print.

Although Brother drum unit has a long shelf life, but if you are constantly getting poor quality print outs or your printer takes more than average time while printing paper, you must check the Brother drum unit to check whether it requires replacement or not. When it comes to replacing old Brother drum unit, it is important to know the step-by-step process of the Brother drum unit replacement in order to ensure the proper functionality of your printer.

Step by Step Guide for Replacing Brother Drum Unit

  • When it comes to the replacement of Brother drum unit, the first thing which you need to ensure that your printer is turned on and the drum LED is blinking.
  • Open the front cover of the printer and try to find out the drum unit or the toner cartridge assembly.
  • Now pull out the toner assembly from the printer and separate the toner cartridge from the drum unit by pushing the lock lever button.
  • Unpack the new drum unit and put the toner cartridge properly into the new drum unit. If you will place the toner cartridge at the proper place, the lock lever will lift it automatically.
  • Once done, put the new drum unit back into the printer.

If you already installed a new Brother drum DR 420 into your printer, but still getting a message that you need to swap out the drum unit, don’t worry. This is quite a common issue which probably everyone encounters when replacing the old drum unit with a new one. As Brother drum DR 420 does not comprise any chip, it becomes tough for the printer to understand that it is actually new or not. After installing the new drum unit, you must reset the counter to avoid getting such messages.

Step By Step Process to Reset the Drum Counter

  • Open the front cover of the printer and make sure that it is still on.
  • Find out the control panel and press the clear button.
  • Press the up arrow. Once done, you will get a message indicating that the new drum unit has been accepted.
  • Close the front cover and restart your printer.

This is all about Brother drum unit DR 420. If you are too planning to replace your drum unit, you must approach a reliable and renowned online supplier like in order to buy high-performance and original Brother drum unit.