Know Whether You are Buying an Original Toner Cartridge or Not?

Toner cartridges play a significant role in ensuring the print quality of the printers. It is, therefore, recommended to buy a high-quality original toner cartridge for your printer so that you can always avail the best quality prints. With so many options available in the market, it becomes tough for some people to choose the best quality or original toner cartridge for their printer. If you are also one among those people, you must read this blog to know the signs that will help you to decide whether you are buying an original HP toner cartridge or not?

Specific Location of Hologram Label
Original HP toner cartridges comprise both productions codes and holograms on labels. On a toner cartridge box, the hologram is located at the joint of the box and a tear-off strip. So, when you are going to open the box, a part of the hologram label remain on the stripe, the other part of hologram remain in the box.

Air-proof Packaging of Cartridges Inside the Box
Another sign through which you can identify whether you are going to buy an original HP toner cartridges or compatible toner cartridges is the packaging of cartridges inside the box. The original toner cartridges are always packed in air-proof packaging so that they can be transferred anywhere around the world in a safe manner.

Protective Tape in Cartridge
The OEM HP toner cartridges always comprise a protective tape which separates magnetic roller from the toner hopper. In some types of HP toner cartridges, you will find the protective plastic tape soldered on the cartridge case. This will surely help you to distinguish original HP toner cartridges from compatible toner cartridges.

Production Codes on the Cartridge Casing and on the Box
Another important tip through which you can protect yourself from forgery is through the production code which is available on the packaging box as well as the cartridge case. If the first five symbols of the production code which is imprinted on the cartridge box will perfectly match with the first five symbols of the code on the cartridge case you can ensure that you are going to buy original HP toner cartridges. Even, if the last codes of will not match, you can rest assure that you are going to buy only original and the best grade HP toner cartridge for your printer.

Now you know how to identify whether you are going to buy an original toner cartridge or not. Even when you know the quality of original toner cartridges, it is recommended to approach a reliable and renowned HP toner supplier in order to buy the best one at reasonable prices. In order to get the best deal on HP toner cartridges and HP toner supplies, visit


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